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On this page you can find anything you would like to do or visit in holland. We made a selection of one of the most populair things to see and do.
Lets start with some Action :

If you would like to drive in a hummer or offroad car you must visit ACTION PLANET. This is next to the campside ! is 2 min walk. All information about Action planet you can find on:

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To hot in the summer ?? Lets go for skiing or snowboarding !..with the car it is 5 min from the Race lake. You will find SNOWPLANET. Here you can do your favorite winter sport even in the summer.. More information on: 


Would you like to visit AMSTERDAM ?...Amsterdam is one of the most populair city"s of the world. it is only 15 min from the lake with the car. Just go to city center and see all of Amsterdam. Go for a boat trip in the city and see the Red light District as well. You can also find great museum and old buildings. Amsterdam is a must have seen City !
For booking info and travel info see: 

You can also send us a email with all your questions about booking boat tours and more information about Amsterdam.

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Want to go out for Shopping ? As the men spent all their money on the boats, it would be fair enough to show you some great shopping centers !

In the Center of Haarlem you will have a long street with all kind of shops. It is one of the most populair shopping streets in Holland.  Haarlem center is only 15 min from the race Lake.  Easy to travel with bus or taxi.  This is outdoor shopping.


More shopping you can do ofcourse in Amsterdam. But when its a bad weather day you better go to: Amstelveen. This is one of the biggest shopping malls in the area. It is 20 min from the Race lake by car. It is also easy to go with bus or train.

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Looking for a really big market  ?? and then we say really big. This is on of the most populair markets in europe. You will find here whatever you need. From the most fresh Food to the latest Electronic parts. And all for really good prices.  By car 7 min.  More information on : 


After the races we all can use a nice dinner. Here you will find some Ideas for a nice restaurant in the area. :

- In IJmuiden ( 5 min from lake with car ) you will find the best Chinese Restaurant of Holland. They got the first price for best Chinese last year. Here is how you can find them:  adress: Kennemerboulevard 300, 1976 EH IJmuiden

- In IJmuiden you can also find a nice greek restaurant. For not to much money you will have a good meal of meat. Easy to park with the car and just 5 min from the race lake. more information on :  adress : Kennemerlaan 116, 1972 ES IJmuiden

- In Santpoort-Noord you can find a good restaurant for a small snack or take-away. This is called Koppes Catering. the adress : Hagelingerweg 47, 2071 CA Santpoort-Noord. website : 

- For more small restaurants you can go to Haarlem City. Here you will find all types of restaurants and nice bars for a drink.

Want to go out in the night ? Then there is just one place to go: Amsterdam. With all the famous clubs and DJ's you will have a unforgetable night. Take the bus from Spaarnwoude to Amsterdam. You can also go with taxi ( costs around 50 euro )..


When you prefer a more relaxing day, you can go for a walk on the beach of IJmuiden. This is 5 min by car from the Lake.  It is a really big beach but not so much to do. When you prefer a nice boulevard and shops you must see on of the most populair Beach in holland : Zandvoort.... this is 15 min by car from the lake. Here you can also find Holland Casino.


Want to see something different from Holland ? a lot of tourist go see : Volendam. It is a small fishermen village. with nice restaurants and must see boulevard. You can dress up like the people from volendam did in the passt and make pictures like this : Typical dutch...