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WC 2016

Information about the IMBRA 2016 WC location:

Dear Modelboat Racers,

On the DMF website you can find all information about the location of the 1st World Championship IMBRA.
Information about rules and specifications you can find under IMBRA website:

On the DMF website :

Under the page WC 2016 you will find Sub-Pages. These pages are full of information. Would you like to know what you can do with your Family or Friends ? you can find great ideas under the page: TO DO.
Would you like to know what Hotel or Camping we Suggest ? You will find this under the page: Hotel / Camping.

Here is some Information about the lake:

The lake we use is well known by european Racers. The lake have a perfect size for Endurance race / Hydro and Offshore. It is not a deep lake, but perfect flat. Even when we have wind the lake is on the same conditions for a Fair Qualification session.
The campside is allmost next to the lake. ( 50 m walk )  On the Campside there will be showers, toilets and electrics. The Campside is flat and have grass. You can walk from the campside to the Lake.
Next to the Race lake there is another lake. This lake will be good for swimming and fun. It is not deeper then 1.70m and next to the campside.

The Lake is in a nice area where there is a lot to do. You will find more information about things around the lake under the page : TO DO.

On the Race area we will have Catering from morning untill evening. We will also have pits area for the boats and people. The Shops will be here as well.
The plontoon is big enough for at least 15 boats and judges. The Lapcount Tent will be next to the Plontoon.

The DMF started this year with a new type of Lapcounting System. This will provide us to have live results on the WC 2016 !

Check out the DMF website for the latest news about the WC 2016......

Link to google maps:,+1981+Velsen-Zuid/@52.4528205,4.6587036,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x47c5f00e9aac2a4d:0xc7fb71d98a5592a4

Here are some pictures of the Lake and area:

For now you can find WC 2016 information on: