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Hotels / Campings

The DMF would like to inform you about the Hotel and Campings nearby the racelake.

Ofcourse we will have our own racer campside next to the lake. ( shown on map ). But when you prefer an official camping you can find some information here:

- Camping :                                                          - Camping :

DroomPark Spaarnwoude                             Camping Schoonenberg
Zuiderweg 2                                                     Driehuizerkerkweg 15D
1165 NA Halfweg                                             1981 EH Velsen-Zuid

Tel. 0031 (0)88 055 1500                                0031 (0)255 523 998            

extra information:                                             Extra information:

This camping is 15 min from the race-lake.        This camping is also 8 min from racelake.

- Camping:

Kennemer Duincamping de Lakens
Zeeweg 60
2051 EC Bloemendaal aan Zee

0031(0) 23 5411 570

Extra Information:

This camping is 15 to 20 min from the racelake. It is close to the Beach of Bloemendaal.
Bloemendaal and Zandvoort are one of the most populair beaches of Holland.

When you Prefer a Hotel you can find here some information about the Hotels Nearby :

Hotel :

De prinsenhof
Wijk aan Zeeerweg 29
1972 NM IJmuiden

0031 (0)255 513 153

Extra information :

This Hotel is 5 to 10 min from the Race lake. It is a nice small hotel nearby restaurants and shops. It is also 5 min from the Beach of IJmuiden.


De zoete Inval
Haarlemmerstraatweg 183
2065 AE Haarlemmerliede

0031 (0)23 543 33 33

Extra information :

This is a very populair Hotel. The service is really good , You can play bowling and have a good dinner. The Hotel is 15 min from the Race lake. It is 10 min from city center of Haarlem.


Bastion Hotel
Vlietweg 20
2071 KW Santpoort- Noord

0031 (0)23 538 7474

Extra Information:

This hotel is next to the Mcdonalds and Hospital. 10 min from the race lake, and 15 min from city center of Haarlem.

If you would like to have more information about Campings and Hotels Nearby please write us a email. Because Haarlem and Amsterdam are so close to the Race lake you can find lots of hotels and Campings. These above are just suggestions.

The Airport of Amsterdam is Close to all these Hotels.